Tehachapi Wolf

This design is up for adoption!

What this means is that you can purchase a custom fit costume based on this design.

The head has already been constructed and will fit up to a 23" head

I am asking $3,300 for a fullsuit (not including shipping) in the style  style you see above.
It will be fit to you so you will need to have a DTD ready!

I require the costume be 100% paid off (no including shipping) before construction begins

This design is set in stone and will not be altered!


Turnover will be less than 1 month from the time I receive funds AND the DTD

Please only offer on this suit if you are able to pay a minimum of $500 a month


Suit Details

-Classic (NOT FOLLOWING) eyes

-Static jaw with plush tongue and teeth

-Puffy 4 finger hand paws, removable

-Body will include rump, knee, and ankle padding

-Feet will be a NO SHOE slip on style, attached to the body for a seamless look

-Tail will be attached to the body


Please mail all serious inquiries to