All about Roktarr



Roktarr - (Rok-tar) noun
A horse like species found on the planet Ba'leth. Semi-sentience apex predators, that are sometimes used as mounts by the local humanoid species called the Nardothians.

General Info

Measuring an average of 6ft (1.83m)  at the withers, Roktarr live in matriarchal society called clans or drones, consisting on average of 6-8 individuals.
The strongest female leads the drone, with the strongest males as guards.
Males and females have no discernible differences besides visible genitalia. Females however have a much more obstinate and dominant personality.
Rival Roktarr or Clans will fight with teeth, slashing, bucking, and the occasional headbutting.
Scars and healed lacerations are common among guards and lead females.


Roktarr exhibit personalities similar to that of earth felines both big and small, lazing around, communication when hunting, and low grumbles.

They also exhibit a few personality traits shared with Earth horses, rolling in the dirt, blowing their nose and lips, bucking, raising their lips, and head bobbing.

Roktarr use a series of low guttural growls and moans, as well as loud shrieking and roars to communicate and express behaviors.

It is unwise to approach a wild Roktarr or clan, unless guided by a Nardothian Roktarr expert.
Even then it is still very dangerous.

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